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This page is dedicated to many of the fine musicians Mike has had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Doyle plays steel guitar, dobro and electric guitar and has produced the majority of Mike's music since 1985. Doyle is currently the steel guitarist for Jimmy Buffett's Corel Reefer Band. George is another solid drummer who has worked with Mike on numerous occasions and is currently the drummer for The Big Biscuit Band. Lee Paul is an excellent singer/songwriter and guitarist from Sandy Cross, Ga. and first appeared with Mike at Spaar's Bar & Grill in Athens, Ga. Mike co-produced Lee's latest album, After Closing Time. Visit Lee online at leepaul.net

Doyle Grisham

Tommy Crain

George Vogel

Lee Paul

Kevin Bryant has worked with MWB on numerous performances. Jack is a fine bassist and currently is a member of The Big Biscuit Band, BackTraX and works with Mike as a member of Mike Watson & Friends, hosting a Monday night blues jam at One Star Ranch in Alpharetta, Ga. Gene, aka Willie G, one of the finest guitarist in Atlanta and is currently the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Big Biscuit Band. Mike and Gene have performed together on numerous occasions. Glenn, aka Doc Lundquist, is an excellent keyboard man and has work with Mike many times through the years, their first performance together was in the mid 90's as part of Kicks 101.5 F.M. rolling radio shows. Doc is currently the keyboardist for The Big Biscuit Band.

Kevin Bryant

Jack Kaplan

Gene Weatherford

Glenn Lundquist

Charles Sewell

John Jackson

Neil Shupak

Barry Richmond

Soon to be posted.......

Kevin Bryant, Tom Steele, Tommy Ray Kittle, Nathan DeFoor, Andy Scott, Glenn Watkins, Rick Smith, 
Mark Farthing, Rick Austin, Mark Van Allen, Bud Thomas, Derek Daigle
Charles 'Cigar' Carter, Joe 'Mojo' Mauldin Terry Dunn and more.

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